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"Biking in Sardinia" is a new initiative of Isola Sarda. Our aim is to create a "gathering place" for people sharing the same two passions: Sardinia and cycling. The Isola Sarda site is visited by thousands of people every month. These friends are interested in the island, they see the pages, the pictures and often find the information that they are looking for.  Later on they disconnect the computer and often dream to be in Sardinia, on those wonderful beaches, along those paths crossing wild woods set among ancient and charming rocks.  But are you sure you would not like to do more than this? Perhaps you would like to travel the island, or, if you already live there, would like to visit a place that is still unknown to you. Perhaps a traditional tour isn't your preferred way to visit sardinia, or spending all day under a beach umbrella doesn't satisfy much of your imagination.  If you like to bike and to combine the effort with the others, if you have the desire to see wonderful places reached in the silence of your "two wheels", you could be interested in organizing and participating in a bike tour of the island.  It's possible that you don't know with whom to go because your friends are "slippery"  and they will not follow you in this little adventure.  At Isola Sarda we will use the site to gather groups of people who want to get to know their future companions and together organize a bike tour of Sardinia.  Although be careful, it won't be Isola Sarda organizing the tour, because we are not equipped for this, it will be you.  Isola Sarda will put you in touch and hopefully, give you the encouragement to act.  Moreover I, the webmaster, will be the first one to participate in some of the tours and will offer as much support as I can.  Considering that I am a cartographer you will not certainly miss the maps.

We will soon open a forum dedicated to this subject, where interested people will be able to exchange ideas, get to know each other and to plan and organize tours or short excursions.   

To begin with something concrete, here is the first tour I am proposing. It is an itinerary covering all of the south-western and central-western coasts of Sardinia. The stages cover about 60-70 km daily.  This is not particularly difficult considering the track doesn't include very steep hills and that most of the roads are asphalted. I think that it is suitable for anybody with a minimum amount of training.  Considering that we will cross many wonderful places I think it's better to do stages of 60 km and stop several times to see the landcapes and some monuments, rather than cycling for long 100 km runs without stopping.  It won't be a no limit enterprise but we will enjoy it much more. The stages will rest at equipped camping sites.  Of the places to be visited, special mention is made of Nora, with its Phoenician-Roman ruins, the wonderful beaches of Chia, the rocky coasts of the Island os St. Peter, the village of Carloforte, the dunes of the Green Coast, the lagoons of the Sinis peninsula and the beaches of Is Arutas. More than the pleasure of biking, seeing enchanting places, enjoying the sun and the sea of Sardinia, don't forget the chance to make new friends among your companions.  


Giorgio Plazzotta
Isola Sarda webmaster and "poor" biker

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